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Vote for Libertarian Bob Barr in 2008

Black Liberal Obama, Race Traitor McCain or Patriot Bob Barr

by James Buchanan

While no one in the pro-White movement wants a Black president, the Republican Party has produced possibly the worst candidate in decades in the form of John McCain. This website (and many others like it) did our best to inform the public and encourage people to register Republican and vote for Ron Paul so that White people would get a real president who would stop illegal immigration and end the Iraq War. Unfortunately, the Jewish media gave Ron Paul the “Silent Treatment” and the Ron Paul campaign staff failed to run national ads to bypass the censorship.

John McCain angered conservatives in June of 2007 when he tried to pass a treasonous Amnesty Bill that would have made citizens out of 20 million illegal aliens. Either conservatives somehow forgot that incredible act of attempted treason by John McCain or Diebold machines stole the primary. The New Hampshire primary had some obvious signs of vote stealing, and on Super Tuesday, Americans were told that John Amnesty McCain was the big winner even though it seemed most conservatives didn’t vote for him. I strongly suspect massive vote stealing was done to make McCain the nominee. Only the Israelis and the neocons wanted the crazy warmonger McCain to be the candidate. McCain was possibly the WORST candidate for White, conservative Americans, but somehow he “magically” won despite his long list of flaws.

White conservatives and White Nationalists now have an unpleasant choice:

They can vote for the Libertarian candidate Bobb Barr, an honest, decent man, who has consistently stood for conservative principles even though he stands no real chance of winning. A vote for Bob Barr would at least send a message to the Republican Party that conservatives and Whites won’t sit still as they are stuck with a liberal presidential candidate like McCain. Supporting Bob Barr might even pave the way for a Third Party to replace the increasingly repugnant Republican Party.

Or patriotic Whites can vote for John McCain despite his earlier attempted Amnesty treason and despite the warmongering for Israel and despite his mental instability and despite his multi-racial family –just to try to keep Obama out of the White House.

While I can appreciate White people making an effort to keep a Black liberal out of the White House, McCain is almost certain to lose according to all the recent opinion polls. Anyone on the West Coast can testify that there are many, many Obama bumper stickers and lawn signs in every big city while no McCain signs have yet to appear. It’s extremely obvious that there’s a big Obama steamroller ready to squash John McCain.

Perhaps the most ominous sign of how the 2008 election will turn out –other than the polls– would be fund raising. Obama has been hauling in money at an absolutely incredible rate –three times as fast as John McCain. People are not going to give money to someone, whom they don’t think will win. McCain was having trouble raising money during the primary and things have not improved much for him. People with a lot of money don’t believe McCain can win, and people with money are usually pretty good at spotting a good business possibility versus a lost cause.

If voting for McCain is a waste of time, since he’s never going to win (because conservatives hate him), then the best course of action may be a protest vote for the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr. If Barr gets millions of votes, it will be a very strong sign that the neocons and their warmonger policies have failed and the Republican Party should change course and stop supporting wars for Israel.

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