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A Black Jesus?

by Jeff Davis

Famous Painting of Jesus

From past experience, we know that there is no question that black movies such as “Roots,” “Do The Right Thing,” and “Jungle Fever” increase black contempt of whites and sometimes incite blacks to commit violence against Whites. Many of us recall the series of racially motivated assaults and at least one homicide which followed the screening of “Roots.” Every time one of these movies comes out, more white people suffer.

The latest bit of black celluloid incitement is also a high point of religious inaccuracy against Christians that makes the current flap about Mohammed look trivial. “Color of the Cross” features a black actor portraying Christ. “Color of the Cross” will star Jean-Claude La Marre, who is also directing and scripted the film. His past pics include African-themed Western “Gang of Roses,” which starred musicians Lil Kim and Bobby Brown, and “Brothers in Arms.” None have made a big dent at the box office, probably because they were such abominable disasters.

In addition to Jesus, black actors will also portray Mary (Debbi Morgan of “Coach Carter” and “Woman Thou Art Loosed”), Joseph and Judas, while the rest of the cast will be white or Middle Eastern. Nu-Lite Entertainment, the company producing the blasphemous flick, admits that they hope to capitalize on the controversy. Needless to say, sniffing black dollars, 20th Century Fox has snapped up the film to distribute on home video, and the pic’s producers say money from that deal will be put toward the marketing effort for the film’s theatrical release in November. Hollywood is always eager to make money out of anything that denigrates Christianity.

One of the producers is the “Reverend” Cecil “Chip” Murray, who during his 12 years as pastor at L.A.’s First AME Church “used his pulpit to become a national religious and civil-rights leader.” (I wonder if that means he’s in the same corporate extortion racket as old Jesse.) In the past, Murray’s services have attracted the likes of corrupt debauchee and cocaine addict Bill Clinton, terrorist/murderer Nelson Mandela and America’s favorite molester, Michael Jackson. Murray has now joined the faculty of USC’s Center for Religion but hopes that by adding movie producer to his long resume he’ll continue to spread his faith.

Brother Murray said he hopes the film will “reverse negative stereotypes of African Americans,” completely disregarding the fact that such “negative stereotypes” are produced by the blacks’ loathsome BEHAVIOR, not by movies. Murray adds “We really need to do something about the negative imaging of black America.” Apparently their violence, drugs, filthy language, reluctance to work, dishonesty and lack of hygiene have nothing to do with this “negative imaging,” in the world of Reverend. Murray.

While “acknowledging the potential for controversy,” Murray claims the notion that Jesus was African isn’t far-fetched. “It’s more likely that Jesus was black than it was that Jesus was European,” he said. “It’s not an assertion that is a difficult one.” Uh, well, Reverend, actually it is a “difficult” assertion. There is no historical evidence of any kind that Jesus was black. There never HAS been one remote scrap of evidence that Jesus was black. In point of fact, so far as I know, other than the comment about the sons of Ham being condemned to be hewers of wood and drawers of water and an individual Phinneas kills, there are very few references to blacks in the Bible.

Recent portrayals of Jesus as black — whether musician Kanye West posing as Christ on the cover of Rolling Stone or the depiction of Jesus as a modern-world African revolutionary in “Son of Man,” which recently premiered at Sundance — have attracted media coverage and indicate that the liberals and the Jews are behind them. These depictions are meant to defame Christianity and glorify blacks. The Jews who control Hollywood are determined to re-write history in a politically correct image and will not stop until they have reduced every remaining white man, woman, and child in the world in a position of subordination and humiliation especially compared to a dark race that has only recently been pulled out of the jungle.

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