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More Thoughts on the Secret Service Scandal

by Jeff Davis

It looks like some Republicans want to put a magnifying glass on the Secret Service scandal since after all this is an election year.

The left-wing website The Daily Beast reports: “As the Secret Service investigates what may be the worst scandal in the organization’s history, the answer to one looming question could be even more explosive for the agency: were any of the women in the Colombian prostitution incident underage? If it turns out anyone was under 18, there could be criminal charges for the U.S. agents and military personnel involved.”

“Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, told reporters Thursday that neither he nor the director of the Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, knows the answer to that question. ‘In the case of the 11 agents, the primary determination is you can’t determine to charge or not charge somebody until you know whether a crime is committed,’ Issa said. ‘Under U.S. law, if any of these women are under 18—I can tell you we do not know and Director Sullivan does not have actual contact/picture matched up to verify that as far as I know. When he does, I would expect a call, because that would be a relief to many of us to not have on top of everything else.’”

In other words, this thing is getting so nasty that even Darrel Issa is getting twitchy about it. The Republicans just want to get control of the temple of Mammon in D.C. They don’t want to bring it down on everyone like Samson.

The Daily Beast continues: “Issa cited two laws that make it a crime to have sex with minors abroad. ‘U.S. laws passed in 2003 and 2006 were designed to prevent sex vacations causing harm to underage women,’ Issa said. ‘We have to respect some things, but going internationally anywhere to have sex acts underage is prohibited under U.S. law.’ A spokesman for the Secret Service declined to discuss the investigation.”

Obama obviously doesn’t want this scandal getting any bigger especially if he were busy over at the little boy brothel while the Secret Service was fighting hookers over their fees –maybe Obama’s activities are what Issa would really like to expose.

The article notes “Thus far, the scandal surrounding President Obama’s visit to Colombia has led to three agents, at least one of whom is a supervisor, losing their jobs. Both Issa and Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the oversight panel, said they would wait for the Secret Service to finish its investigation before launching their own probe. For now, the lawmakers said they were conducting an over-the-shoulder investigation,”—in other words, Issa is looking for any opening he can use to somehow bring this sordid mess home to Barry—“but are prepared to act if they are not satisfied with the Secret Service’s efforts. Both also said they want confirmation of the nationalities of the women involved. Cummings and Issa wrote to Sullivan on Wednesday, asking a series of questions about the investigation, including whether all of the women involved were older than 18 years of age.”

Oh, I can see this now: Teenage Colombian prostitutes being hauled up to Washington to testify about all the deviate acts they performed with Obama’s bodyguards! This could make the Clinton years look tame.

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