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TRAVESTY!!! Zimmerman Charged with Murder in Trayvon Shooting!

Outrageous political prosecution will cost Obama the election!!

by James Buchanan

If you get jumped by a Black thug, who knocks you to the ground and starts pounding your head on the concrete, Barack Obama and the liberal justice system want you to know that you have no right to defend yourself. Just let that Black keep bashing your head because that’s the way Obama wants it.

George Zimmerman observed Trayvon Martin walking around slowly at night in the rain apparently casing the homes in a gated community which had suffered a series of recent burglaries. Trayvon noticed Zimmerman watching him and pulled his hoodie over his face and started to run. Zimmerman wanted to keep track of where Trayvon was so that the police could talk to him so he drove down the street trying to spot him.

Zimmerman got out of his truck to look for Trayvon, who had run between some buildings. While walking back to his truck, Trayvon approached Zimmerman. This is extremely significant for Florida’s “stand your ground” law. Zimmerman only wanted to get close enough to see where Trayvon was. It was Trayvon, who closed the distance so he could attack Zimmerman. Trayvon sucker-punched Zimmerman, got on top of him and began smashing his head against the concrete. Zimmerman was screaming for help while Trayvon attacked him as witnessed by a resident of the community named John as noted here.

Trayvon was not the cute 11 year old originally pictured in the Zionist media. A recent picture on the front page of Yahoo News appears to show Trayvon when he was 13 years old so the media continues to portray Trayvon as an innocent child.

An ABC news article notes that Trayvon was six foot three inches tall while Zimmerman was five feet nine. The police report estimated Trayvon at 160 lbs, but someone six foot three, who played football, probably weighed even more than that. The liberal media has stuck to the claim that Trayvon weighed “140 lbs” which is a ridiculously low weight for someone six foot three, and he would be far too fragile to play football if that’s all he weighed.

CNN accused Zimmerman of using a racial slur on the phone call to police, but an improved analysis of the audio discovered that Zimmerman was saying “f–king cold”. Zimmerman’s best friend is a Black and Zimmerman and his wife have mentored poor Black children.

According to the Miami Herald, Trayvon was caught by school police with a burglary tool and twelve pieces of jewelry, including diamond earrings, which the police impounded so they could compare it with reports of stolen property. An article on the Wagist reports that messages from Trayvon’s Twitter account suggest that Trayvon tried to punch a bus driver and that he was selling drugs.

Anyone, who makes a serious effort to look into the facts of this case will quickly discover that Trayvon Martin was another Black youth gone bad. George Zimmerman was a conscientious citizen, who had earlier helped catch a burglar, who was robbing a neighbor’s house. The attempts by the Zionist media to portray Trayvon as an innocent 11 year old are shameful, and their portrayal of Zimmerman as a racist killer is absolutely slanderous.

The highly political decision to prosecute Zimmerman for second degree murder is a travesty of justice. I wonder if the special prosecutor, Angela Corey, who made that decision, was sitting in church last week listening to a sermon on Good Friday about how Pontius Pilate allowed a mob screaming “Crucify Him” to determine the fate of Jesus Christ. Well, Ms. Corey just charged an innocent man with second degree murder to appease an angry mob herself.

All the evidence points to George Zimmerman’s innocence, and dragging this man into court to appease an angry mob will only create an angrier mob in the future when he is found not guilty. Meanwhile, millions of Americans, who see a serious crime problem caused by young thugs like Trayvon, have just witnessed Barack Obama taking the side of a street criminal against someone, who helped successfully fight crime in the past and who was exercising his Right to self defense when being brutally attacked.

A good youtube video on the Trayvon Martin shooting can be seen here.

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