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The IRS Is Having Trouble Refunding Money

by Jeff Davis

Democrats love to tax money away from you. They love everything about it.

They love the thrill of taking it from your pocket. Especially the pockets of middle-class White males, whom they so despise. They love the feel of your money rubbing between their fingers. Democrats like to riffle through huge stacks of hundred-dollar bills, and know that they have not earned one penny of it and they can give it to whatever black or brown or sexually perverse minority they please.

And above all, they hate refunding it.

The Miami Sun-Sentinel reports: “Tax preparers said Thursday that the Internal Revenue Service is continuing to have delays in sending federal tax refunds this year, with hundreds of South Floridians complaining they still haven’t gotten their check. ‘Our phone is ringing off the hook with people saying they should have their refund by now,’ said Mark Daly, franchise owner of several Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service outlets in South Florida.”

“Last month, the IRS said there would be a week delay for the earliest filers because of a computer snafu in getting up a system to find identity theft before refund checks were actually issued. The federal agency said those people filing after Jan. 26 would not have delays. But the agency continued to have a slower response partly because they had a backlog from the earliest cases being delayed, tax preparers said.”

“In a statement, the IRS said it successfully opened the filing season and refunds have been issued to millions of taxpayers. When the IRS announced the opening of the 2012 filing season, it advised taxpayers who electronically file and select direct deposit that they could see their refunds in 10 to 21 days. Some taxpayers are getting refunds much faster, but at this time taxpayers should expect refunds to be issued as indicated in the original IRS guidelines.”

“The agency also said in its release that workers have resolved a recent online glitch: Some people who visited Where’s My Refund, on the website were told we had no information regarding their return. But the IRS statement said, this was a temporary situation, and virtually all of these cases were resolved. People can expect to get an expected refund date when they visit Where’s My Refund.”

Of course, the longer that the IRS holds the cash they owe you, the longer they can put off borrowing more money while you are being cheated out of the interest you could be collecting on that money.

Then again, maybe the situation is a little bit more serious than what they’re telling us. Maybe they can’t pay you your refund. Maybe the Feds have in fact run out of money altogether, even earlier than expected, and they’ve neglected to tell anyone. The Chinese have announced they don’t want to lend us anymore money, and most of the world sees the US with its Black president as a bad credit risk. The Federal Reserve Banks will have to invent more money out of thin air. Oh well, that’s what happens when people put a Black Communist in charge; you start going down the road toward runaway inflation just like Zimbabwe.

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