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New York Nanny State

by Jeff Davis

The following is a routine article about the New York Nanny State attempting to regulate what people eat. Thanks to the ongoing Obama Depression and outsourcing, food stamp recipients are no longer majority black or Mexican. The number of food stamp recipients has shot from 30 million to about 46 million over the last six years, and it may get even worse than that.

Cityroom Blogs reports: “Federal officials on Friday rejected Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s proposal to bar New York City’s food stamp users from buying soda and other sugary drinks with their benefits. In October, the city proposed a two-year experiment to see if the prohibition would reduce obesity among people who buy their groceries with food stamps.”

“But in a letter Friday, an administrator of the food stamp program in Washington said the city’s proposed experiment would have been too large and complex to implement and evaluate.”

In other words, it was rejected because there wasn’t enough bureaucracy to handle it, not because it was micro-managing what people eat.

Cityroom goes on: “Tom Vilsack, the secretary of agriculture, said in a statement that the United States Department of Agriculture has a longstanding tradition of supporting and promoting incentive-based solutions that are better suited for the working families, elderly and other low-income individuals who rely on food stamps….The city’s proposal was part of Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign to make the city a healthier place, which has included banning smoking indoors and in public parks, barring restaurants from cooking with trans fats and requiring them to inform customers about calorie counts.”

The comments following the article are very revealing as to the whole liberal mindset:

The article notes “They should ban food stamps from being used to purchase beer and cigarettes. I always have the bad luck of getting in (the) grocery line behind the person using the food stamps card and splitting the order. They always buy beer and cigarettes along with (Fruit) Loops, Doritos and those plastic bottles of colored sugar water.” (One guess which race that is… think grape soda.)

”Too bad. After sodas we could have addressed junk food, tobacco, and alcohol – not just the prohibition of food stamp money supporting these bad choices, but the mere presence in the home of these items should lead to a suspension of benefits.” (If this guy isn’t a registered Democrat, I’ll eat my hat.)

”30 years ago I was working in a super market and a cashier called the manager to ask if it was ok to purchase caviar with food stamps. Needless to say the manager exploded in expletives and the customer overheard his tirade. The customer proceeded to berate the manager that it was HER money and she could spend it on any food she wanted. Nothing has changed in 30 years and our entitled population is now fatter and lazier then ever. Detroit’s ex mayor who just got out of jail even was quoted as saying that he even had food stamps in college and his mother was in congress as a rep. Our government should not pay people to do nothing, that includes welfare, (unemployment) and food stamps. Make people work, do something—anything. This entitlement attitude has to end!” (The last remaining conservative in New York, no doubt.)

”Food stamps should only be used for real food that have some kind of nutritional value. If anyone wants to buy junk food, that is their right to do so but use your own money, not with my taxpayer dollars.” (And just who decides what constitutes “junk food”? Do we set up a large government department to carry out this mission to add even more wasteful spending to government?)

”My family was on food stamps for one year. During that year we ate very well. I don’t purchase prepared foods for my family except for a couple of items, like organic corn chips. We cook using basic ingredients. It pains me to see food stamp users buying prepared foods because they are so expensive and deliver little nutrition. Maybe if the food stamp program would offer basic cooking classes on how cook from scratch, roasting a whole chicken, preparing vegetables and making soup stock, a few people would see how good it tastes and how far their food stamps can go. If the economic benefits were seen, maybe that would be an incentive. It is possible to eat healthy and indulge in a soda once in a while, although when you eat basic, good, tasty food that you make yourself, you kind of lose the taste for the other stuff.” (Any motivated person can learn what’s healthy from the Internet. Responsible parents should teach their kids what’s healthy, but a 16 year old black single mom isn’t exactly a fountain of good advice.)

Eventually the government intends to control everything you eat, drink, smoke, see on the Internet and what color socks you put on every morning. If it’s this bad now, what will it be like after the next two or three Democrat presidents, assuming the US still exists by then?

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