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Group of Blacks Rape 11 Year Old Girl

by Jeff Davis

In the 1930s there was a famous rape case where a gang of blacks raped a White woman in Scottsboro, Alabama. They became known as the “Scottsboro Boys” and became a left-wing cause celebre. Now we seem to have a similar incident, only the victim in this case is a child -—a Mexican child. For some reason, the organized Left seems remarkably silent.

ABC News reports: “Fourteen defendants accused of sexual crimes against an 11-year old Texas girl are expected in court today, facing a series of sexual assault charges. Fourteen men, along with five juveniles are being charged for crimes that occurred late last year. Four of the accused face charges of continuous sexual abuse of a child, while the majority of the men have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. All defendants are expected to appear in the Liberty, Texas courtroom today for status updates…”

“Cleveland police began investigating the case in December of last year after cell phone video showing the alleged sex attack started circulating among students at Cleveland schools, according to court documents. The video shows the girl engaged in sexual acts with several men. The girl told authorities that the weekend after Thanksgiving she was asked if she wanted to ride around with three of the defendants in the case. The girl, described as a straight A student by those who know her, rode with the young men to a blue house with white trim, according to court documents. As the night unfolded, numerous men came to the house and later an abandoned trailer to have sex with the girl, according to court documents. The video surfaced because some of the girl’s attackers used their cell phones to take photographs and to film the assaults.”

This seems to be the latest negro fad, committing crimes while recording them on cell phone cameras and then uploading the videos to YouTube to see how many hits they can get. The fact that this invariably leads to detection and arrest seems to have escaped their notice so far.

ABC News: “Since the alleged crimes took place, the small southeast Texas town has experienced racial tension.The alleged criminals now facing charges are all African-American. The victim is Hispanic. Following the alleged crimes, racial tensions in the small south east Texas town have grown.”

“Most of the men who face charges are free on bond. One of the accused men, Marcus Porchia, 26, has been implicated in another unrelated case for sexual assault.”

Another significant difference between now and the 1930s is that these days, negro rapists are routinely released to do it again.

ABC: “A gag order was issued in March, prohibiting witnesses and individuals involved with the proceedings from speaking out about the case.”

In other words, letting the rapists go is OK, but talking about it in public is not.

Decades ago, when a black raped a White woman, the local Whites might hunt down the negro and hang him before the law could protect him. The White men in the community might even drive out the local black population after an incident like that. After decades of left-wing and Jewish control of our justice system, the FBI has viciously suppressed any White vigilantes. (Too bad they never applied the same level of oppression against black rapists.) The end result is that black men can rape White women and all they have to worry about is a slap on the wrist from a judicial system that couldn’t care less about White victims.

These blacks are taking a big risk however when they attack Mexican women or Mexican little girls. The Mexicans don’t care about political correctness or hate crime laws. If a Black harms a Mexican in a place like Los Angeles, the local Mexican gangs will wage war on the Blacks, who have been driven out of neighborhood after neighborhood.

It’s curious that the FBI and local law enforcement have been unable to do much about this ongoing Mexican-on-Black race-war. Perhaps, the FBI only has enough resources to suppress Whites and they lack the resources to protect the blacks from the Mexicans. I would not be surprised if the Mexicans start hanging Blacks from lamp posts and leaving severed Black heads on top of fire hydrants as conditions get worse.

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