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Asians Know the Score on the Jews

by Ian Mosley


An Australian News article reports “A Chinese bestseller titled The Currency War describes how Jews are planning to rule the world by manipulating the international financial system. The book is reportedly read in the highest government circles. If so, this does not bode well for the international financial system, which relies on well-informed Chinese to help it recover from the present crisis. Such conspiracy theories are not rare in Asia. Japanese readers have shown a healthy appetite over the years for books such as To Watch Jews is to See the World Clearly, The Next Ten Years: How to Get an Inside View of the Jewish Protocols and I’d Like to Apologise to the Japanese – A Jewish Elder’s Confession.”

The Japanese were provoked into World War Two contrary to what is taught in the public schools. FDR cut off oil to the Japanese, funded an illegal CIA-run air force (the Flying Tigers) that fought the Japanese in China and FDR delivered an un-Constitutional ultimatum (which he had no authority to give) to the Japanese in November 1941 demanding that they stop their war with China. All these actions convinced the Japanese that war with the US was inevitable. The Jews wanted FDR to provoke war with the Japanese as a back door entry into the war with Germany.

The Japanese started the war attacking US military facilities in Hawaii. The US ended the war by mass-murdering Japanese civilians with two atomic bombs. After the war, the US imposed a capitalist-style democracy on Japan that pretty much erased most of their culture. The “Protocols of Zion” are a plot uncovered by a Russian intelligent agent over 100 years ago that gives a detailed plan for Jewish world domination. It describes how the Jews will use their control of the mass media to control politicians and push Gentile governments into war for Jewish interests. Henry Ford said that the Protocols “fit history” and Jewish control of the news media has been a fact for many, many decades.

The Australian News continues “The Chinese picked up many modern Western ideas from the Japanese. Perhaps this is how Jewish conspiracy theories were passed on as well. But Southeast Asians are not immune to this kind of nonsense either. Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamed has said that ‘the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.’ And a recent article in a leading business magazine in the Philippines explained how Jews had always controlled the countries they lived in, including the US today… unlike European or Russian anti-Semitism, the Asian variety has no religious roots. No Chinese or Japanese has blamed Jews for killing their holy men or believed that their children’s blood ended up in Passover matzos. In fact, few Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians, or Filipinos have ever seen a Jew, unless they have spent time abroad. So what explains the remarkable appeal of Jewish conspiracy theories in Asia?”

Isn’t it odd how the same accusations against the Jews keep cropping up in every era and every nation and every culture where they make their appearance? The Chinese are intelligent people capable of observing the Western world as it is, not as the Jewish media tells them it is. Perhaps the reason for their belief that Jews control Western governments stems from the fact that they don’t have Jews peering over their shoulder telling them what they can and cannot believe.

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