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Black Riot Shuts Down Mall of Louisiana

by Jeff Davis

An article from WWLTV reports: “The Mall of Louisiana was closed during a busy shopping time and evacuated after a fight broke out between dozens of young people Saturday evening.”

“EBRSO spokesperson Casey Rayborn-Hicks told WAFB-TV she’s not sure how many people were involved in the actual fight but up to ten people will face criminal charges. Deputies were called to the food court area around 6 p.m. and said the troublemakers quickly dispersed to other areas of the mall. No injuries were reported though several ambulances were dispatched to the area and initial reports of shots fired were apparently incorrect. However, at least one eyewitness reported a chaotic and scary scene in the second floor food court.”

Notice how any mention of Blacks is carefully avoided even though the video at the link shows a swarm of Blacks.

The article notes “The woman, who asked WAFB-TV not to identify her, said she was in the food court with her young child in his stroller when a large fight erupted and people began jumping over and knocking down tables. She said she grabbed her son and tried frantically to exit.”

“Unchaperoned young people were brought to a couple of stores where parents were allowed to pick them up. Traffic was sent out of the area with all lanes headed out…”

How many chaotic Black riots like this have taken place in the last five years that we never heard of?

This article is from the website of a small local TV station. It never made the mainstream wire services or any other major news outlet. If it weren’t for Matt Drudge linking to it, we would never have known that it happened. Rather than trying to find a way to get Black youths to behave, the Obama regime is looking instead for ways to stop people like Drudge from putting a national focus on local news like this, without first getting permission from the local news station (which would effectively silence everyone except AP and Reuters, who tend to impose liberal censorship already on which stories they report nationally).

White people are waking up to Black violence and Black flash mob crimes. There have been countless youtube videos of Black looters that have been posted –often by people participating in the flash mob!! The Internet is waking up many White people to reality. The Jewish stranglehold on information has been broken by the Internet, and the rosy picture of Blacks, painted by the Jewish controlled news and entertainment media, is quickly giving way to the harsh reality.

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