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At Least Four Percent of Welfare Recipients Don’t Exist in Massachusetts

by Jeff Davis

Fox News reports: “[Negro] Governor Deval Patrick is downplaying the Department of Transitional Assistance admission that it could not locate 19,000 people who have either been receiving welfare benefits or have applied for them, saying the number represents a broader class of people than those who are actually on the rolls today.”

Have they tried checking the voter rolls for these people? Since I think we can assume they all made it to the polls to re-elect Barack Obama.

Fox News goes on: “At a news conference, the Governor kept referring to the number of people whose addresses could not be located as just four percent of the mailings. This was discovered after nearly half a million letters were sent out to settle a lawsuit filed against Massachusetts last year in part by the liberal think tank, Demos. The Department of Transitional Assistance says 19,000 letters came back, marked Return to Sender.”


I have an idea: Have they tried Puerto Rico? That’s an old scam. Puero Ricans often come to New York or Boston or Chicago, stay with cousin Juan or Auntie Rosa just long enough to get on the welfare rolls, and then they go back to Puerto Rico, where a $1500 per month basic welfare check enables one to live like a king.

Of course Puerto Ricans stealing welfare is the least of several bad options. It could be some welfare queen made up a fictitious sister so that she could double her monthly welfare allowance, or maybe the Democrat party itself is pocketing a few fraudulent welfare checks.

I presume this story will quietly vanish off the mainstream media’s radar screen in a couple of days. The Democrat Party isn’t interested in welfare reform or compelling able-bodied Americans to work. The Democrats just want to keep doling out welfare checks in exchange for votes. After all, that was a key part of Obama’s reelection so don’t hold your breath for that to change.

The only decent thing Bill Clinton did as president was to institute a work-for-welfare program and a lifetime five year limit on welfare (which California opted out of). Obama quietly gutted the work-for-welfare requirement during his first four years so we’re back to the bad old days of massive welfare hand outs along with the usual fraud. And blue states like California wonder why they’re going broke and why White people are fleeing the state?

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