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Congress Sells us out on Warrant-less Wiretaps Again

by Jeff Davis

Ah, the joys of living in a totalitarian one-party state ruled by a Third World despot!

The British Guardian newspaper reports: “Civil rights campaigners voiced dismay on Friday over the US Senate’s re-authorization of the government’s warrantless surveillance program, and the defeat of two amendments that would have provided for basic oversight of the eavesdropping. The Senate voted 73-23 to extend the law, called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Act, for five years. The House of Representatives has already passed the measure, which President Obama has said he will sign. But while the program was extended as expected, campaigners saw a silver lining in that the vote was closer than when the legislation was first introduced in 2008.”

Oh, wow! You mean a few less of those yea-saying leeches voted for institutionalized tyranny than did so four years ago? Oh, yeah, that’s a real silver lining.

The Guardian goes on: “An amendment by senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon would have required the secret court that oversees surveillance requests to disclose important rulings of law. It failed 37-54. An amendment by Merkley’s fellow Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden would have required the government to estimate the number of US citizens it had spied on. It fell by a narrower margin, 43-52.”

Our Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches has been shredded.

Barack Obama and his cronies can apparently do whatever they want. The Republicans are proving more and more useless as an “opposition” party. In fact, some Republicans think that their future lays with Latino voters, and some Republican politicians are supporting an Amnesty –failing to notice that 80 percent of Latinos tend to vote Democrat.

With Obama threatening to pass gun control and an Amnesty, we need to create a pro-White party to replace the Republicans so that someone represents our interests in place of the two-party system, which has repeatedly sold us out leaving us in our current predicament.

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