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Another Pervert in the Service of the Feds

by Jeff Davis

A news article reports: “Authorities say an FBI agent has been charged with public lewdness after a trucker told state troopers that the man made lewd gestures toward him while not wearing pants and driving on the Thruway outside Buffalo. State police say that Special Agent John Yervelli of the FBI’s Buffalo office was charged late Friday night after a trooper pulled over his minivan at a toll plaza just south of the city.”

“Officials say a truck driver traveling in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 told troopers the man driving the van wasn’t wearing pants when he pulled alongside the truck and made lewd gestures. The 48-year-old Yervelli was released on a ticket to appear in Eden.”

I find it interesting that in the Era of Obama, our illustrious secret policemen themselves are finally starting to come unglued. At least during George W. Bush’s time the spooks and droids in silk suits maintained a public level of dignity.

There have been such raucous scandals as the Secret Service whoring and boozing in cheap hotels in Colombia and refusing to pay the hookers. Then the Secret Service trashed a house they were renting in Martha’s Vineyard, staging drunken orgies, and threatening local cops who told the badged federal drunks to keep it down.

Don’t forget the CIA Chief General David Petraeus getting caught in an affair. There was also an FBI agent who was caught sending “beefcake” photos of himself to Petraeus’s girl friend, apparently learning nothing from Congressman Anthony Wiener’s embarrassing sexting episode.

These are the people who claim their moral superiority and moral authority over the rest of us. The Feds are increasingly fabricating evidence and perjuring themselves to go after dissidents.

Be sure to e-mail your friends these stories of federal perverts. These individual stories make not seem important, but dozens of stories of Gay perverts in these elite police state agencies should wake up the average person. Anything we can do to wake people up to the nature of our federal government is worth the effort.

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