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Is Hillary Facing Defeat?

by Jeff Davis

Would you trust this woman with power?

I don’t think Hillary Clinton will be allowed to lose this election. After all, it’s her turn. Now that we’re finally getting into the primaries themselves in a few weeks, the pollsters who had been showing good numbers for Hillary up ’til now, are suggesting she could lose. The original neocon script was for Hillary to win the Democrat primary; a pro-war Republican neocon (doesn’t matter which one) would win the Republican primary, and then Hillary would win the election.

According to the Concord, New Hampshire Monitor: “Barack Obama has come from behind to turn the Democratic presidential race in New Hampshire into a toss-up, according to a new Monitor opinion poll. The results – which show Obama with a one-point edge over Hillary Clinton – mirror other polls released this week, indicating that Clinton’s once-imposing lead has evaporated in the run-up to New Hampshire’s Jan. 8 primary. The poll suggests that the Democratic race could hinge on the turnout of undeclared voters, who aren’t registered with either political party. Much of Obama’s backing comes from undeclared voters, while registered Democrats make up the bulk of Clinton’s support. In New Hampshire, undeclared voters can vote in either party primary, giving them sway in both contests.”

This isn’t the only indication that Hillary’s alleged “lead” has been slipping. Basically, it’s a personality problem. People just don’t like Hillary. She is a cold, arrogant monster whose one object in life is the single-minded pursuit of power. She seems unwilling or unable to conceal this fact despite her cocoon of handlers, spin doctors, flacks, flunkies and PR people.

Supposedly, Hillary is counting on the support at the polls of all the millions of women in this country who hate men so badly that they will vote for her as a kind of revenge for all the “male oppression” they’ve suffered. That may not pan out. It seems that American women may not be quite as vindictive or ill-tempered toward men as the radical feminist crowd. Also, women can see through other women a lot easier than men can.

Hillary’s campaign has in fact been amazingly maladroit, for a woman who is supposed to be so smart. It has been obvious from the get-go that every moment, every public appearance and every word Hillary utters is scripted from top to bottom. It is also obvious that Hillary is being deliberately cocooned and shielded from the media so as to avoid her having to answer the tough questions, like:

*Where were the Rose Law Firm billing records all that time?

*Why won’t she release her private papers from her first eight years in the White House so we can actually get a look at how she handles herself with power?

*Why the hell did she put up with her husband running around philandering like a sixteen year old who won the lottery?

*What does she know about the death of Vincent Foster?

You know, all the things we actually want to have a “conversation” with Hillary about.

That silly crack one of her flacks made a few days ago about Obama being a junkie was a low blow, but more than that, it was so obviously the petulant act of a power-hungry monster lashing out at someone who displeased her, and firing the flack made it even more obvious. Trotting out her daughter and her mother to make TV spots for her is just plain pathetic, once again a really amateurish ploy. Above all, there’s that horrible, cackling laugh when she tries to act “human” and pretend she’s a normal person like anybody else. It really creeps people out. It’s like listening to the Wicked Witch of the West. Any moment you expect to hear her shriek into the camera, “I’ll get you and your little dog too!”

There are several problems with the blackish candidate Barack Obama. For one thing, Obama doesn’t seem actually to have a program of any kind. A year on, he’s still just sort of wandering around in front of the television cameras, mumbling to himself. No one can say what he’s for or against, and he gives the impression he doesn’t know himself. Whoever put Obama up to this forgot to give him a copy of the script.

American elections can be decided by the slimmest margins (plus or minus five percent stolen by Diebold). A Black candidate will automatically lose five to ten percent of American voters. The Democrats know this perfectly well.

Of course, if Obama becomes too much of an annoyance to Hillary, another CIA mind-control assassin in the form of a “lone nut” will almost certainly intervene on her behalf. Everyone in politics needs to see the movie “Telefon.”

Then there’s always the question of who counts the votes. Bush got his second term thanks to Diebold electronic voting machines with no paper trail. Thankfully a number of states have rebelled against electronic voting machines. If the Republicans run a pro-war neocon, that person will probably lose with-or-without Diebold support. The Republicans got voted out of Congress in 2006 thanks to the Iraq War. Only Ron Paul seems to understand this historical lesson. All the other Republicans seem dead-set on repeating the mistakes of 2006.

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