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57 Percent of Whites Voted against Obama

by James Buchanan

We continue to be propagandized by the mainstream media in regards to Barack Obama. They want us to think that electing Barack is somehow a great victory and the “end of racism.” In fact the election of Barack Obama is a glaring example of what’s wrong with America. A quota-hire Black, who totally lacked the qualifications for a job, has just been promoted to a job with even more power and responsibility. The victory of Barack Obama is a victory of the ignorant over the knowledgable. A victory of shrill liberal militants over Americans with common sense.

One little thing, the liberal media has failed to mention is that 57 percent of Whites voted against Barack Obama. One article about the election aftermath notes “(Obama) won 43% of the white vote according to the exit polls.” If the election only counted the votes of White people (as the Founding Fathers intended), Obama would have lost the election by a landslide. In fact the Founding Fathers only wanted the most responsible Whites, which they considered to be property owners, to vote. This would have likely disenfranchised the highly naive youth vote and a majority of liberals, making the landslide against Obama even greater.

Barack Obama received the most fawning news media praise of any candidate in living memory. One website notes “Barack Obama had a crucial advantage over his rivals this year: the support of the national media, especially the three broadcast networks. At every step of his national political career, network reporters showered the Illinois Senator with glowing media coverage, building him up as a political celebrity and exhibiting little interest in investigating his past associations or exploring the controversies that could have threatened his campaign.” Liberals have wanted to get a Black elected president for years because in their confused minds “It’s their turn.” Never mind the fact that Black politicians are notoriously corrupt and Barack Obama comes from the “Heart of Darkness” in terms of corruption –the bowels of the Chicago political machine.

I wonder how many Americans are beginning to have second thoughts about Obama after his good friend Governor Blagojevich was recently arrested for corruption. Obama of course has denied ever discussing who should be his successor for the Senate seat with Blagojevich. This is a blatant lie that anyone with an IQ higher than a golf ball’s should be able to see. Of course, we’re going to get four years of blatant lies, where Obama does not hesitate to tell the most bold-faced falsehood to people whom he obviously considers hopeless idiots (his supporters). Many of us may remember him saying during one of the debates that he did not start his political career in the living room of ex-terrorist Bill Ayers, contrary to statements and information readily available from the liberals themselves!!

If the reporting on Obama had been even remotely impartial, the White vote against him would have been even worse. As it was, most Americans never heard any details about Obama’s Marxist tendencies, his close relationship with the crook, Tony Rezko, his role in helping to cause the minority subprime mortgage crisis as an attorney for ACORN and his truly unbelievable lack of qualifications to be president –from his dubious citizenship to his meager three-plus years in the US Senate, which would have been a laughable resume for a White candidate who aspired to be president at age 47, but somehow Obama got a pass.

The truth is that Obama was elected because he was Black. The Blacks voted 98 percent for him. Latinos voted 80 percent for Obama. A lot of White liberals and moderates stupidly voted for Obama out of a sense of White guilt. Unfortunately, the Republicans chose (or more likely the carefully programmed Diebold machines selected) the crazy, senile, neocon warmonger, John McCain. If a true patriot, who believed in the Constitution and conservative economics, had become the Republican candidate (namely Ron Paul), then 70 percent of Whites would have voted Republican and the junior corrupt Senator from Illinois (or is it Kenya) would have been denied the presidency, and America would have stepped back a little bit from the brink of disaster.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a great American like Ron Paul for president. We’re facing our worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and we’re stuck with a quota-hire crook from the Chicago political machine as president. We have a perfect recipe for disaster and that is exactly what we’re going to get.

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